We provide high-end residential

masonry services

The employees at Harv & Higam Masonry take pride in applying the proper attention needed to stay on schedule. Coordinating effectively with the general contractor and other subcontractors on the project is an effective way to assist that the project meets schedule needs. The project manager and site foreman take the time to plan ahead and keep a three-week look-ahead schedule current throughout the duration of the project. Planning ahead ensures that adequate manpower is available and ready when needed and all materials required are onsite. Harv & Higam Masonry keeps open lines of communication between the office and the field to ensure understanding of the project. Not only is the project handled in the field, Harv & Higam Masonry has internal controls in place so paperwork is accurate and processed in a timely manner.

If awarded the project, Harv & Higam Masonry is equipped with adequate manpower and equipment to begin the project on time, maintain the project schedule, and meet all timeline requirements. Once adequate timeline information is provided, the Project Manager will produce a detailed project timeline for the residential masonry job.

Large Modern Custom Home
man laying bricks down, close up of mortar

Company safety protocols and information

We are committed to constantly improving our safety practices while providing a quality of work, service, and schedule to the highest level of satisfaction and professionalism you deserve.

We offer the following training/safety programs to our employees:

Safety is a top priority for us. We constantly monitor hazards and trends to see where changes were needed to head off injuries before they happen. An onsite safety coordinator is appointed for each project. Our equipment is skillfully maintained and regularly inspected. Scaffolding is assembled by certified competent-person erectors. Masonry project supervisors have received OSHA 10 Hour Training and undergo continuing education through the year.

Job History

We have had the privilege of working with a wide range of industries and projects all across the valley for over 40 years.


We approach each project with an unwavering dedication to the safety of our employees, fellow contractors and of course our clients.

Quality Masonry

We use top quality building materials to ensure that every job is industry standard and will last for decades to come.